As Finance Director on a targeted race, I use iDONATEpro to track the goals and progress of a dozen finance consultants nationwide. With iDONATEpro, I am able to import new data nightly and manage calls, meetings, events, pledges, and donations as they are updated. I am able to pull reports by event, consultant, and date range and trust that the results are accurate. I use iDONATEpro to send invitations, campaign updates, and poll results by emails that look almost exactly like the originals, complete with banners, logos, links, signatures, and attachments. In a position where my documents, reports, and email blasts must reflect the professionalism and technological savvy of the candidate, I trust iDONATEpro to do just that.

Ann Kramer

Finance Director

iDONATEpro allows users to easily and simultaneously view all donor information. Rather than having to scroll through lines of data, iDONATEpro gives users an organized layout with comprehensive information at their fingertips. The staff is incredibly accessible and easy to work with!

Joanne Davis

Davis Group Consulting, Inc.

iDONATEpro has made my clients more productive. This fundraising management software is unmatched. Due in large part to the fact that Lindsay was a successful fundraising professional before she teamed with Forrest to develop this cutting edge software. Lindsay and Forrest have given fundraisers the secret weapon to raising money with iDONATEpro.

Claire Holloway

President, Holloway Consulting Inc.

Over the past decade, we have worked with hundreds of local, state and federal candidates and in that process used dozens of different database programs. We use iDONATEpro because it was designed by professional political fundraisers with professional political fundraisers in mind.  It is simply the best system we have ever used.

Matthew Jubitz

Principal, Pluvious Group

When iDONATEpro imported my data, I realized that I had up to 10 records of the same donor. I had been managing my data in Excel spreadsheets by client. Now that my data is all in one place and I am able to manage it as it relates to each of my clients simultaneously, my productivity has increased tenfold. Not to mention the fact that everything I create in iDONATEpro keeps me sharp and up to speed with my clients and major donors!

Ashley Hayek

Golden State Consultants LLC