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Designed by Fundraisers, for Fundraisers.

iDONATEpro is the ultimate CRM and Data Evaluation tool created specifically for political and nonprofit fundraisers.

iDONATEpro is the only Political and Nonprofit CRM that allows users to cross-compare donor data from unlimited campaigns and data sources in the same platform.

iDONATEpro has automated the business behind Independent Political Fundraisers, Political Consultants, Campaigns, PACs, Super PACs, 527s, 501 Non Profits and Associations nationwide.

The Problem We Solve

Political Fundraising is still done predominately on spreadsheets due to the lack of viable software designed for it's real world needs. Fundraising is a selling process done by serious professionals who need software tailored to their specific needs. Fundraisers need to be able to easily compare giving history from unlimited campaigns and lead sources other than the campaign they are raising for from the same platform.

Campaign software is NOT designed for fundraising.

Most campaign software is designed for "back office" accounting, compliance and campaign management, NOT for "front office" fundraising. It's analogous to asking your sales team to use Quickbooks instead of Salesforce.

Political fundraising is not cyclical; it happens all year, every year.

There are thousands of politicians continuously running for office throughout the US. The overwhelming majority of campaigns take place every two years, effectively forcing them to fundraise continuously. This includes all of Congress and virtually every state assembly. While iDONATEpro is an active force in current Presidential and senatorial campaign fundraising, our largest market is outside the federal election cycle.

Money does not flow effortlessly to campaigns.

Many people are surprised to learn that the real world of political fundraising is driven by professional fundraisers who establish and maintain ongoing relationships with major donors. This relationship and giving data is retained by the fundraisers and leveraged against historical giving to other campaigns as well as publicly available data sources. This is what creates the real value in the sustained market of political fundraising.

The Solution

iDONATEpro is the only solution available today that offers the ability to cross compare data from unlimited campaigns in the same platform. It's analogous to being able to track your competitor's sales in your CRM.

Our customers rave about the platform, friendly hands on support, and simple, transparent pricing designed to fit into any fundraising budget.

How do you manage and leverage your fundraising data to your advantage? Are you ready to get out of the Excel Hell?

But that's not all. Our business is about collaboration and innovation. Together, we're changing the way fundraising is done.

Join us! Discover new tools that exhibit the quality of your work and ignite your productive, resourceful, creative genius.

iDONATEpro was originally founded in 2009 by a political fundraiser and a software developer as a custom database CRM due to the lack of an existing fundraising software solution. Having proven the model, rebuilt the entire platform as a web-based SaaS CRM and re-launched in 2013.

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Simple pricing designed to fit easily into any fundraising budget.
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